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We’ve worked hard to be selective about our menu, find good, sustainable packaging, choose the best ingredients – and not least, to add good craftsmanship to the ingredients – all so you can enjoy a bite of Alsik wherever it suits you.

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155,00 DKK
Slices of cold-smoked Faroese salmon with fresh cheese crème, salad bouquet, preserved lemon peel, preserved cranberries, pumpkin oil & crisp tuiles
130,00 DKK
Italian organic burrata mozzarella with grilled olives, chunky romesco sauce, preserved lemon peel & basil
115,00 DKK
Spicy chickpea purée with sesame tahini, green olive, little pickled onions, sumac, chili drops & chickpea bread

Main courses

BBQ bone
125,00 DKK
Tender BBQ grilled bone with summer coleslaw, grated spice rasp, new danish potatoes & parsley
215,00 DKK
King prawns fried with garlic in grilled arrabiata sauce, linguini pasta, lemon & virgin oliveoil
Alsik burger
165,00 DKK
Hamburger made from dry-aged beef served in a warm butter bun with bacon-onion compote, creamed cheese, paprika-tomato relish & chips
Caesar salad
165,00 DKK
Crispy romaine lettuce with a dressing of anchovies, Unika Gammel Knas cheese, shredded chicken thigh, chives & croutons with olive oil and tomato

For children

Melon Tutti Frutti
85,00 DKK
Salad of mixed melons with chocolate chip
Children burger
115,00 DKK
Burger from dry-aged beef, mild cheese, brioche bun, ketchup, mayo & french fries
Pasta for children
100,00 DKK
Linguini pasta with in olive oil, mild tomato sauce, grated parmesan & melted butter. (Small portion)

Cheese, sweets & dessert

125,00 DKK
Strawberry in coulis with organic double cream, Tahiti vanilla & salted caramel
Alsik Rum Ball
25,00 DKK
Soft Southern Jutland rum ball with dark rum, Licor 43, callebaut chocolate, organic butter & cacao.
125,00 DKK
Chocolate brownie ad 2 in 1 with icecold chocolate mousse, strawberry, crumble & lemon curd
Rhubarb trifle
65,00 DKK
Southern Jutland rhubarb cake with baked rhubarb compote with vanilla, served with caramelised Southern Jutland rye bread, almond macaroons and whipped cream
Cheese selection
150,00 DKK
Selection of five international cheeses with crisp bread, rye biscuit, pickled nuts & salted unripe peaches