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We’ve worked hard to be selective about our menu, find good, sustainable packaging, choose the best ingredients – and not least, to add good craftsmanship to the ingredients – all so you can enjoy a bite of Alsik wherever it suits you.

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Cold-smoked salmon
75,00 DKK
Slices of cold smoked salmon with smoked cheese cream & grilled broccolini
75,00 DKK
Burrata with romesco sauce and tomatoes
Chicken drum sticks
75,00 DKK
Chicken drum sticks with peanutbutter sauce & pickled vegetables
75,00 DKK
Carpaccio with pesto, herbs & UNIKA Gammel Knas cheese

Main courses

125,00 DKK
Cod with summer vegetables in spicy sauce with cashew nuts & soy
Pulled chicken burger
125,00 DKK
Pulled chicken burger with onion compote & pepper chutney
Pasta with cream & bacon
125,00 DKK
Strozzapreti pasta with clam sauce, black pepper & wild garlic
BBQ grill stick
125,00 DKK
Pork with BBQ flavor, mashed potatoes & tomato relish

Cheese, sweets & dessert

50,00 DKK
4 selected cheeses with gooseberry compote & rye biscuits
Prego – salute – per favore
50,00 DKK
Classic tiramisu with mascarpone cream & marsala
Rhubarb trifle
50,00 DKK
Rhubarb trifle of Southen Jutland with macaroons & whipped cream  
Rum balls
50,00 DKK
Rum balls with rum, marzipan & chocolate


Bread & butter
25,00 DKK
2 cold-raised sourdough bread with organically salted portion butter