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We’ve worked hard to be selective about our menu, find good, sustainable packaging, choose the best ingredients – and not least, to add good craftsmanship to the ingredients – all so you can enjoy a bite of Alsik wherever it suits you.

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Cold-smoked salmon
155,00 DKK
Slices of cold-smoked, Faroese salmon with sour cream, romaine salad, cranberries, pumpkin oil & crispy tuiles.
145,00 DKK
Hand-peeled shrimps on compote of apple, organic Jerusalem artichokes & tarragon, with curry marinade, small pickled onions, sesame & crudité
Pasta "Chef's Art"
145,00 DKK
Spicy chunks of Tuscan sausage fried with garlic, with arrabbiata sauce, pasta strozzapreti, pecorino, parsley & lemon oil
155,00 DKK
Slices of cold-smoked Faroese salmon with sour cream, romaine salad, cranberries, pumpkin oil & crispy tuiles

Main courses

Chef’s stew
245,00 DKK
Delicious tender fricassee of slow-braised pork neck with tomato-infusedred wine gravy, vegetables, herbs, potato mousseline & truffle
Alsik burger
185,00 DKK
Hamburger made from dry-aged beef served in a warm butter bun with bacon-onion compote, creamed cheese, paprika-tomato relish, pickles & french fries

For children

Melon Tutti Frutti
85,00 DKK
Salad of mixed melons with chocolate chip
Children burger
115,00 DKK
Burger from dry-aged beef, mild cheese, brioche bun, ketchup, chili mayo & french fries
Pasta for children
100,00 DKK
Linguini pasta with in olive oil, mild tomato sauce, grated parmesan & melted butter. (Small portion)

Cheese, sweets & dessert

125,00 DKK
Baked pickled plums in vanilla coulis with roasted almonds, lemon curd, roasted white chocolate, organic Cream Double & Danish red berry pudding sorbet
Alsik Rum Ball
25,00 DKK
Soft Southern Jutland rum ball with dark rum, Licor 43, callebaut chocolate, organic butter & cacao.
125,00 DKK
Chocolate brownie as 2 in 1 with icecold chocolate mousse, pickled plums, crumble & saltet caramel